environmental portraits

Environmental portraits use the setting (or environment) of the photo to tell a story about the person being photographed. This is an entirely different approach from typical outdoor or studio portraiture, which uses the background primarily as a blur of colour against which to set the subject, or in which the background has no authentic connection to the individual’s life. Instead, capturing a person in their natural environment gives powerful insight into who they are. In environmental portraits the photographer uses the setting to communicate meaningful things about a person, rather than just simply record what they look like. These portraits are family treasures that have the power to truly capture who that person was in a moment in time, and what was important to them — whether it’s a child growing up through precious yet ever-changing stages, or a grandparent’s lifelong passion. Environmental portraits can also be powerful marketing tools for small businesses and professionals. Contact me to book your Calgary environmental portraits session and to learn more about the creative process behind these epic, highly conceptualized portraits. I would love to help you present your story in its best light.

Calgary environmental portraits Calgary environmental portraits Calgary environmental portraits Calgary environmental portraits Calgary environmental portraitsCalgary environmental portraits

Is there a location, item, or hobby that you feel speaks to who you are as a person? What are the spaces and activities around which your life revolves? You may not think any of your spaces are particularly photogenic — but don’t worry, that’s my job. 🙂 Where are you and what are you doing when you feel most alive and like yourself? Do you wish you could freeze your child’s life at this moment in time, when they are just so cute with their obsession about x, y or z? Do you want a powerful way to communicate to potential clients or customers the unique experience you offer as a business or professional? Is there a space or activity that has special meaning for you as a couple or family? Calgary environmental portraits are perfect for individuals, business owners, professionals, couples or families. Pour your passion into a unique, one-of-a-kind portrait. Whether it’s a spacious outdoor location or a tight indoor space, I have the photographic skills to bring your story to life. Contact me today and let me tell the story of your life with Calgary environmental portraits.

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